My favorite scents and colors

My favorite scents and colors

Monday, May 7, 2012

Feast of meatballs

Sometimes I indulge on meatballs :) This is a question of imagination, passion and emotion associated with great memories of trips to places far away from where you prefere not to get back anymore':) I've got India and Greece in my heart. In particular Greece, because I visited it for 8 years, studied the language to make sure that I could communicate with them. And it was good because the approach is completely different

You are not the classic German tourist who cares very little about the culture. You're not tied to the tour guides who usually speak english or german only. No, you live Greece in a different way, close to the people, friendly etc.etc. The various beef meatballs are: meatballs with garlic sauce and youghurt. Meatballs with onions and red wine sauce.
Meatballs with tomato sauce and thyme. Meatballs "sweet chili" and meatballs Tandoori. All deliscous and tasty dishes! :)

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  1. Hi Antonio :)
    I really love this post !! and meatballs are "κεφτεδακια" in Greek but i'm sure you aready know this .My Kids love to eat them very much so i try to cook meatballs as often as i can.