My favorite scents and colors

My favorite scents and colors

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tiramisu' as I do it


1 package of Savoiardi (or ladyfingers)
500 grams Mascarpone
5 egg whites
250 grams strawberries (it's season all around the year now:) )
50 grams of sugar
Half a lemon
Ten amaretti(macaroons)
Chocolate cubes for desert
A few drops of Remy Martin
The coffe of an italian machine for six (or 3 dl)

Cut the strawberries into small cubes and pour into a plastic bowl. Add the lemon juice, sugar and a few drops of Remy Martin, stirring well. Leaving aside. Meanwhile, prepare the coffee and allow to cool. Chop the amaretti (macaroons).

Remove the mascarpone cheese from package and pour in another bowl by gently mixing it to make it soft. With the mixer we mix the egg whites until stiff and mix them together with the mascarpone until the mixture is smooth.

Now proceed in this order: Dip a pavesino quickly in the coffee then in the strawberry juice. Then place it on a dish in a seven r. Pour the mascarpone with a plastic spatula covering well, then spoon some strawberries, a little 'macaroons and proceed to the next layer. Finally cover-like in the picture-the whole surface with mascarpone and decorate with chocolate. Put in refrigerator at least two hours before serving

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