My favorite scents and colors

My favorite scents and colors

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Morsels of fried mozzarella, parmesan and ham

This rich and delicious appetizer I made it yesterday for dinner. My friends are now accustomed that if I invite them to dinner, there's always something new to savor. My goal of course is always having satisfied guests:)

The breaded and fried mozzarella is tasty and everyone likes it. I've made the morsels melt more 'than usual and quickly jumped in extra virgin olive oil  ​​using bread crumbs made at the minute. However, they are many variations of preparation. To the slivers of parmesan cheese I added honey and balsamic glaze as well because, in addition to the vitamins in the cheese those of the honey are added. As ham I chosed sliced ​​cup.

So, as regards mozzarella morsels, dry them well with kitchen paper, then pass them in beaten egg then in breadcrumbs. In this dish, I did not use the flour.

Bring to high heat the oil in a nonstick pan and cook the morsels turning often. When they are golden brown remove them and let them dry on paper towels. After that decorate the dish to your liking, or follow the example in the picture.

Good Sunday to all)

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