My favorite scents and colors

My favorite scents and colors

Monday, April 16, 2012

Various appetizers

Coming soon! I'll introduce a photographed sequence step by step
Some appetizers are quick and easy to prepare and with a bit of imagination we will get amazing results for our guests!

Here I simply used the a roll of puff pastry rectangle (honestly I have not yet familiar to prepare it fresh) that I cut into strips of 3 cm. Then I turned around two fingers, then laid on a work surface with the opening round in the middle, engraved 6 cuts in the edge like the crown of the King. Then I cooked in the oven heated to 180
degrees for 40 minutes. And finally, once removed from the oven and still hot I added on each piece a slice of tuscan lard(collonata).

Another appetizer fast and easy to prepare are the Omelettes that can be prepared in several ways. I simply used: 5 eggs, 50 grams of butter, chopped parsley, a pinch of salt, Parmesan cheese, 50 grams of ham and 50 grams of raw San Daniele. Pour the eggs into a bowl and whip the minimum possible so they can't blend completely. In a nonstick pan, melt butter and then pour the mixture evenly (should be enough for 3 Omelettes). With the plastic scoop loose edges and move the pan back and forward. After a few minutes, take a plate which has been buttered and  in size of the internal dimension of the pan. Place it upside down and placing one hand on the plate, turn the pan so that the compound ends up in the pot. Then turn the part of the raw compound in the pan continuing with the procedure before. Take two more turns and then pour on a half of the Omelette the ham, the San Daniele and Parmesan cheese and fold in two halfs. Continue to move the pan for a few minutes and then put the omelet onto a plate.


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